denim noteb lg rul antwerp blue

denim noteb lg rul antwerp blue

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"The incredible story of denim culture spans centuries, right up to the countless ways the fabric is interpreted and hacked today. Denim may fade, but its popularity never does. The history of Moleskine is also a celebration of exploration, discovery and self-expression. This tactile Denim Notebook Collection is a paper space to capture ideas and inspiration on the move, evolving with use to tell a unique story about all the places you’ve been.
'- Hard Denim cover
- Rounded corners
- Elastic closure
- Ribbon bookmark
- Themed paperband and paperband B-side
- Expandable inner pocket in cardboard and cloth
- Themed endpapers (front endpaper with ‘in case of loss’ notice)
- Ivory-coloured 70 g/m² acid-free paper

Moleskine S.r.l. creates and sells FSC®-certified products"
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