The crumpled city maps have been designed as soft, light, but strong, waterproof objects,
which can be quickly ‘crumpled’, rolled into a ball, and thrown into one’s bag. The design plays with people’s behaviors and gestures, allowing them to do something that is usually ‘forbidden’, which is to scrunch up a crisp document. The collection of maps includes: Berlin, London, New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome and more. Each one comes with its own carrying pouch.

Preferred Dealers Palomar

Geografische Boekhandel Pied à Terre
Overtoom 135-137
1054 HG Amsterdam

Raadhuisstraat 2
1012 TJ Amsterdam

Nieuws Innoventions
Prinsengracht 297

Paagman Den Haag
Frederik Hendriklaan 217
2582 CB Den Haag

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